Common Assessment Documents
Posted 10/9/2019 3:05 PM (#4916)
Subject: Common Assessment Documents

Location: IAKSS
Reminders about common assessment administration:

o It is best to have your students take the test on the attached paper copy first, so they do not rush, they do show their work, and they do all parts of all problems. Students then enter the answers into the Pearson EasyBridge platform. Finally, teachers grade the work.

o All students on a class roster should take the assessment by the deadline; accommodations are allowable by a child’s IEP/504 etc. All students K-Algebra 2 take the common math assessments.

o The total amount of time a student spends taking a common assessment should not exceed 1-2 class periods.

o The student‘s actual score in Pearson does not have to reflect the grade entered in IC. Student corrections made based on student analysis of results may be reflected in the students’ IC grades.

o Students complete the SNIPS, enter their answers electronically, THEN teachers grade the assessments.

o Calculators are permitted and encouraged. All students should have and use a calculator.

Attachments Adding New Middle School Math Common Assessments.pdf (460KB - 131 downloads)
Attachments SNIPS FCPS Grade 6 Common Assessment 1 2020.pdf (509KB - 108 downloads)
Attachments SNIPS FCPS Grade 6 Common Assessment 2 2020.pdf (337KB - 97 downloads)