Mathematics Instructional Learning Community
Mathematics Instructional Learning Community
The Mathematics Instructional Learning Community (MILC) Project is an alliance among Fayette County Public Schools (FCPS) math teachers focusing on:
  • Increasing the pedagogy and content knowledge of math teachers;
  • Integrating technology tools into everyday math instruction; and
  • Developing, implementing and revising units of study.
Questions regarding MILC? Contact: Natalee Mauney Feese, Fayette County Public Schools, MILC Project Director
Questions regarding technical website issues? Contact: Ryan McQuerry, Fayette County Public Schools, Supervisor of Software Development
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"A Mathematician is a machine for turning coffee into theorems." (Paul Erdös)
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2Kelly.LindseyCounts on fingers & toes08/23/20214/16/2024
3rtallentMathRetired FCPS, Current UK and TransyDisabled9/27/20054/16/2024
4christina.emerson@faCounts on fingers & toes010/15/20194/11/2024
5AdministratorTechnologyFCPS (IAK Support Services)4851/1/20031/9/2024
6rmcquerrMathTates Creek799/27/20051/9/2024
7kbrewerCounts on fingers & toes010/31/202312/30/2023
8316690Counts on fingers & toes18/3/202012/4/2023
9zimmermanCounts on fingers & toes011/26/202311/26/2023
10charmalCounts on fingers & toes01/12/201011/2/2023
11sheena.wethingtonCounts on fingers & toes09/19/202310/31/2023
12macy.reedCounts on fingers & toes02/4/201910/9/2023
13322258Counts on fingers & toes09/27/20239/27/2023
14snomom03Counts on fingers & toes08/15/20189/27/2023
15CianHCounts on fingers & toes09/26/20239/26/2023
16jlaythamCounts on fingers & toes17/18/20129/22/2023
17KATHLEEN.MALONE@FAYECounts on fingers & toes08/22/20238/22/2023
18mmessnerCounts on fingers & toes06/11/20236/20/2023
19carolinebennett1Counts on fingers & toes05/12/20224/11/2023
20heather.wells@faCounts on fingers & toes02/28/20232/28/2023
21332003Counts on fingers & toes01/2/20231/2/2023
22harresheaCounts on fingers & toes09/15/201012/12/2022
23scott.boelscherCounts on fingers & toes08/1/202211/15/2022
24jrose1Counts on fingers & toes09/6/201810/21/2022
25tfeheleyMathJessie Clark MS18/31/200910/13/2022
26vhairstonCounts on fingers & toes311/3/200910/3/2022
27Tyler.WatersCounts on fingers & toes18/7/20189/20/2022
28scshanksCounts on fingers & toes09/12/20229/12/2022
29jessica.menkeCounts on fingers & toes08/2/20229/12/2022
30snunanCounts on fingers & toes16/6/20118/9/2022
31SchmteachCounts on fingers & toes06/1/20118/8/2022
32DebbieBrockCounts on fingers & toes011/8/20188/6/2022
33labneyCounts on fingers & toes1211/4/20098/2/2022
34dscoxCounts on fingers & toes08/2/20228/2/2022
35wildkat1Counts on fingers & toes11/14/20208/2/2022
36charlie.adamsCounts on fingers & toes42/25/20198/2/2022
37aroeCounts on fingers & toes312/4/20188/2/2022
38jlreedMathPL Dunbar279/27/20058/2/2022
39smosierMathHenry Clay318/8/20065/2/2022
40cm2Counts on fingers & toes08/3/20203/8/2022
41tnuckollsCounts on fingers & toes08/11/20113/7/2022
42susanjonesCounts on fingers & toes17/27/20202/25/2022
43mhaakeCounts on fingers & toes02/20/20192/7/2022
44Bsimmons1231Counts on fingers & toes010/2/202110/20/2021
45Kdouglas5Counts on fingers & toes08/24/20218/27/2021
46jax.parkerCounts on fingers & toes08/9/20218/19/2021
47sarah.parsonsCounts on fingers & toes08/6/20218/8/2021
48Terri.mayCounts on fingers & toes08/2/20218/2/2021
49abbysantCounts on fingers & toes09/6/20188/1/2021
50ccprekMathHenry Clay768/15/20075/13/2021
51Jennifer WilliamsCounts on fingers & toes38/8/20184/6/2021
52akridnerCounts on fingers & toes53/9/20183/26/2021
53jawiskCounts on fingers & toes31/20/20213/22/2021
54anoahCounts on fingers & toes01/20/20213/18/2021
55laura.gilmerCounts on fingers & toes08/3/20203/3/2021
56NatalieCookeCounts on fingers & toes010/7/20202/24/2021
57rachael.kieferCounts on fingers & toes01/21/20211/22/2021
58EPowellejhCounts on fingers & toes18/4/20201/20/2021
59Malou1281Counts on fingers & toes11/20/20211/20/2021
60cdixonCounts on fingers & toes211/6/20091/20/2021
61DWeaverCounts on fingers & toes18/29/20111/18/2021
62fdonnelly37Counts on fingers & toes08/4/202012/10/2020
63amobri2Counts on fingers & toes09/29/202011/30/2020
64debbie.waggonerCounts on fingers & toes109/17/202011/28/2020
65agerenCounts on fingers & toes49/11/201811/24/2020
66Zonk34Counts on fingers & toes010/10/201911/17/2020
67emily.brammellcallisCounts on fingers & toes08/2/20209/24/2020
68LKamark0001Counts on fingers & toes08/2/20209/17/2020
69wscarberryCounts on fingers & toes08/18/20198/28/2020
70cconleyCounts on fingers & toes22/8/20188/25/2020
71DeborahbrooksCounts on fingers & toes08/25/20208/25/2020
72sfullwooMathBryan Station MS28/31/20098/25/2020
73jason.mcdonaldCounts on fingers & toes08/4/20208/22/2020
74scanadalockeCounts on fingers & toes08/12/20208/19/2020
75brichmondCounts on fingers & toes08/19/20208/19/2020
76debrasalmonsCounts on fingers & toes08/9/20188/19/2020
77donkstCounts on fingers & toes06/17/20118/17/2020
78jmoses1566Counts on fingers & toes08/2/20208/17/2020
79haysummersCounts on fingers & toes08/4/20208/14/2020
80LeAnn HallCounts on fingers & toes08/4/20208/13/2020
81325166Counts on fingers & toes08/5/20208/13/2020
82leeannkerseyCounts on fingers & toes011/19/20198/13/2020
83acraft1123Counts on fingers & toes08/4/20208/11/2020
84dkoteffCounts on fingers & toes08/3/20208/9/2020
85KateMcAnellyCounts on fingers & toes08/3/20208/7/2020
86Abarnes62Counts on fingers & toes012/5/20198/6/2020
87LisamullinsCounts on fingers & toes010/24/20118/5/2020
88cgalbreathCounts on fingers & toes08/3/20208/5/2020
89rgoinMathHenry Clay1089/27/20058/5/2020
90keriannfergusonCounts on fingers & toes08/4/20208/5/2020
91KaseyHoulihanCounts on fingers & toes08/3/20208/5/2020
92anicholsCounts on fingers & toes010/26/20138/5/2020
93hmkissickCounts on fingers & toes18/8/20188/4/2020
94dandersonCounts on fingers & toes08/4/20208/4/2020
95KirbyHiselCounts on fingers & toes08/4/20208/4/2020
96mczakoCounts on fingers & toes06/6/20118/4/2020
97alexadlerCounts on fingers & toes08/4/20208/4/2020
98jtoroCounts on fingers & toes012/4/20188/4/2020
99Julie WalzCounts on fingers & toes08/3/20208/4/2020
100emily.hanelineCounts on fingers & toes08/3/20208/4/2020
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