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"Geometry is a skill of the eyes and the hands as well as of the mind." (Jean Pedersen)
Kagan Algebra 2

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Posted 9/9/2010 8:25 AM (#2783)
Subject: Kagan Algebra 2


Posts: 482
Location: FCPS (IAK Support Services)
Here are the Kagan Algebra 2 files.

Attachments al2_ihavewhohas_polynomialrationalroottheorem.doc (38KB - 344 downloads)
Attachments alg2_ihavewhohas_factoring quadratics.doc (38KB - 293 downloads)
Attachments alg2_ihavewhohas_factoringquadratics.docx (13KB - 296 downloads)
Attachments alg2_ihavewhohas_factoringtrinomials.docx (13KB - 257 downloads)
Attachments alg2_Inside Outside Circle _Simplify Complex Numbers.docx (11KB - 276 downloads)
Attachments alg2_line up_ writing quadratic equations given solutions.docx (13KB - 284 downloads)
Attachments alg2_lineup_quadraticformula.docx (13KB - 246 downloads)
Attachments alg2_lineup_rationalequations.docx (62KB - 240 downloads)
Attachments alg2_lineup_solveusingquadraticformula.docx (13KB - 250 downloads)
Attachments alg2_mixmatch_evaluatingexponentialexpressions.docx (52KB - 273 downloads)
Attachments alg2_mixmatch_solvinglogandexponetialequations.docx (60KB - 243 downloads)
Attachments alg2_rallycoach_conics.docx (19KB - 326 downloads)
Attachments alg2_turnovercards_sequenceandseries.doc (33KB - 460 downloads)
Attachments Alg 2_MixMatch_Simplifying Rational Expressions.doc (95KB - 275 downloads)
Attachments solution_radicalequationlineup.docx (69KB - 254 downloads)
Posted 9/28/2010 9:10 AM (#2813 - in reply to #2783)
Subject: RE: Kagan Algebra 2 Mix Pair Freeze: Equations of Lines

Location: IAKSS
Thanks to Ronni Tallent for creating for us! Great activity. Remember to run the slope/ point cards on two different colors of cardstock (so that one group can be the "blue" and one group be the "gold" (for example). Students who start as "points" can switch with a partner and be "slope values" on their next turn. Good luck!

Attachments 3-3 Mix-Pair-Freeze Activity Sheet.doc (32KB - 321 downloads)
Attachments 3 2and 3 3 Review Activity- Mix Pair Freeze.docx (15KB - 262 downloads)
Attachments Mix pair freeze equations of lines.docx (10KB - 255 downloads)
Posted 9/29/2010 1:49 PM (#2816 - in reply to #2783)
Subject: RE: Kagan Algebra 2

Location: IAKSS
This is my activity..........
Posted 9/29/2010 1:57 PM (#2817 - in reply to #2783)
Subject: relations and functions
Counts on fingers & toes

Posts: 1

Attachments relation.function alg II pp.pptx (110KB - 343 downloads)
Attachments Relation.Function G.Project Rubric.doc (33KB - 301 downloads)
Posted 9/29/2010 1:58 PM (#2818 - in reply to #2783)
Subject: Function Familys graphing ABS value

Posts: 37
Location: Southside
Small activity for graphing ABS vauled functions and how to translate the vertex

Attachments Algebra II Function Families.pdf (30KB - 353 downloads)
Posted 10/28/2010 12:51 PM (#2852 - in reply to #2813)
Subject: RE: Kagan Algebra 2 Mix Pair Freeze: Equations of Lines

Posts: 2

Location: Morton MS
The activity at the last Math Network Meeting was perfectly timed for my Advanced Algebra II class! We did it the next day and I even "tweaked" the activity sheet based on student feedback. The activity was totally student engaging! The students loved it and so did I! This FUN, formative assessment let me know that learning was taking place! Thanks so much!
Posted 1/19/2011 11:06 AM (#2874 - in reply to #2852)
Subject: Activity for p/q's for Algebra 2 (both Adv and Regular)

Location: IAKSS
Activity for p/q’s (7.6 in Adv. OR 6.5/6.6 in Regular Algebra 2).

Students will complete table showing progression of steps. A lot of possible answers are given, because not all kids will find the same first factor.

Thanks DeeDee!!!!

Attachments 6.5 or 6.6 Activity- Cut Up Chart.docx (12KB - 256 downloads)
Attachments 6.5 or 6.6 Activity part 2-Cut Up Answer sheet.docx (50KB - 232 downloads)
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