Probability Unit Meeting Recap
Posted 1/10/2006 8:08 PM (#514)
Subject: Probability Unit Meeting Recap


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Location: Henry Clay
Meeting about Probability unit on January 10, 2006

Core Content Covered:
MA-H-3.1.1 Students will understand the differences between combinations and permutations.
MA-H-3.1.2 Students will understand differences between theoretical and experimental probability.
MA-H-3.2.1 Students will interpret the results of a probability simulation, draw conclusions, and make predictions.
MA-H-3.2.2 Students will represent probabilities in multiple ways such as fractions, decimals, percentages, and geometric area models.
MA-H-3.2.3 Students will determine probabilities in situations involving replacement and non-replacement.

Topic Heading Possible activities
Day 1 Fraction / Percent / Decimal Is of Problems Mrs. Hays
Spinner Day (Percent of Degree Measure)

Day 2 Simple Probabilities Renee Goin

Day 3 Experimental Probability and Theoretical Probability Experimental Prob. 1 (Probability Activities) Renee Goin
Experimental Prob. 2 (Probability Activities)

Day 4 And/Or Probabilities Mouse Maze Overhead Kate Johnson
Probability 9 (Probability Activities)

Day 5 Combinations and Permutations Bryson

Day 6 Replacement and Nonreplacement Bryson

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