How to get students to do their homework
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Subject: How to get students to do their homework

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I'm interesting in hearing how you all get your students to turn in homework. Here's my situation and what I've tried. I have an algebra 1 part 2 class. There are about 7 students who consistently turn in homework. The rest just don't care. How can I get them to take more responsibility? I grade homework on completeness, not correctness. Sometimes, I will collect homework and spot check a few problems. I allow some time in class for homework, but students usually can't get done since class is 45 minutes. I assign a minimum number of homework problems, which should only take about 15-20 minutes. Sometimes I give extra credit for doing homework. Any suggestions?
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Subject: RE: How to get students to do their homework

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Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone on this one. I too have a part 2 class and experience the same problem. We hate to have them fail the class because of their laziness when it comes to homework. I try to balance things out a bit. For instance, each day we have a bell ringer. Every Friday, they turn this in for that week. If all items are complete they will receive some extra credit. 7 out of 5 if its a five day week. Some of the items are homework problems that they were given at one time or another. (MOst of them wouldn't know it!) But the bottom line is they did the problems whether they realized it or not. I try not to set them up for failure knowing that hw is their downfall. I try to get them to complete the majority of the work in class. Any thing not completed, may be taken home and turned in the next day. This too presents problems. They can't keep track of papers. They may have completed the bulk of the work and then they 'forget' to turn it in.
Perhaps you could try homework quizzes. Pull 2 or 3 problems from their homework and place it on a quiz. If they did the hw they may use it to do the quiz. Make it something easy so you aren't spending lots of time grading. Grade the quiz instead of the homework. You can still have them turn in their hw, just don't record it. As long as they are able to do well on the quiz, then maybe homework wasn't necessary.
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Subject: RE: How to get students to do their homework
I definitely feel your pain. Since I have blocks, the students usually do their assignments in class. I also give quizzes with 2/3 problems directly from homework. The bell ringer activity sounds good. I'm going to try it.